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Super Quick Tip: How to Soften Rock Hard Brown Sugar 05/10/2012

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   Last night, I was tweaking a new recipe that called for brown sugar.  When I pulled out the bag from my pantry, the sugar was pretty hard.  Actually, it was like a giant glacier of sugar.  No biggie.  I learned a super quick fix to this problem a couple of years ago.

   Simply place the opened bag of brown sugar in your microwave with a small bowl of water, and microwave them for one minute.  Then, check to see if the sugar is soft enough to use.  If not, just continue to microwave in increments of 30 seconds until the rocks have disappeared and the sugar is soft.  The bag of brown sugar will be hot after microwaving, so be very careful. 

   I’ve used this tip to salvage quite a few bags of brown sugar that I would have otherwise tossed out.   It’s never failed me.  Give it a try!


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