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The 39 List 09/19/2012

   Here’s my list of the 39 things I’m bound and determined to do in the next year, before I hit the “Big 4-0”.  (Deadline is September 12, 2013!)  Keep checking back–I’ll cross off each item when it’s done, spill the details, and post a few pics.

1.  Learn how to use chopsticks. #Epicfails on 12/22/12 and 11/30/12.  Apparently, I’m not going to learn how to do this by eating take-out at my dining room table while watching You Tube tutorials on my smartphone. I’m not giving up, though.  I just have to change my strategy.

2.  Enter a cake decorating competition.

3.  Run a 5K.

4.  Go to a state I haven’t visited yet.  (I’ve been to 27/50.)

5.  Make my own vanilla extractBottled on 11/24/12.  By the end of January, I’ll be good to go!

6.  Visit one of the wineries near my home and drink lots of wine.

7.  Make it to the Farmer’s Market on a Saturday before noon.

8.  Pipe at least one buttercream rose that does not look like a cabbage.

9.  Try speed dating.  Updated 12/23/12: So, apparently speed dating is so 1995 that I couldn’t find an event in my area.  I opted to give online dating another try back in October.  Let’s just say that things are going (very) well, so speed dating is on hold.

10. Go to a Foo Fighters concert. Updated 12/23/12: If you’re a Foo fan, you know that Dave Grohl caused us a bit of a panic toward the end of September by making a somewhat cryptic statement about being unsure when the band would play again.  He has since assured fans the band is not breaking up, they’re just taking a much needed hiatus.   (Whew!)  So, in lieu of a Foo concert, I scored tix to see Fleetwood Mac on 6/12/12 in Detroit.  I’m super jazzed.  Now, if Dave and the boys announce they’re touring, you can bet I’ll catch a show, too.    

11. Bake something using Valrhona chocolate.

12. Cook at least one healthy meal each week.  (My usual baked potato and Diet Coke does not count.)  Updated 12/23/12:  I had been doing fairly well, but I sort of blew it this month.  I’ve been super busy, which means a lot of (healthy) frozen dinners.  Will be getting back on track in January.

13. Pick my own fruit from a farm.  Apple picking at Gull Meadow Farms on October 6, 2012.

14. Make homemade jam.

15. Adopt a furry friend.  If I can’t do this, I will make a donation to a no-kill shelter.

16. Apply to be a contestant on Cupcake Wars.

17. Get a manicure.

18. Paint a cake.

19. Connect with an old friend.

20. Make a 3-D cake.  Sailboat cake on January 5, 2013.

21. Ride a train.

22. Learn how to brake while rollerblading. (Rolling into the grass or grabbing a street sign does not count.)

23. Peel an apple into one long strip.  (I’m soooo close!) – Updated 1/2/13: Still sooo close.  

24. Buy an airbrush.  Learn how to use it.

25. Take one of my photos and get it made into a print.  Hang it up in my abode.

26. Try a cupcake from Sprinkles Cupcakes.

27. Visit a lighthouse.

28. Keep an outdoor plant alive during the summer.

29. Use SugarVeil to decorate a cake.

30. Take a cooking class.  (i.e. Learn how to cook real food.)

31. Do some of my Christmas shopping in Chicago.  Updated 12/23/12:  Didn’t happen.  I’m okay with it, though.  Between picking up a couple of extra on-call shifts for work (i.e. extra money for Christmas) and starting to date a new fella, I opted to do most of my Christmas shopping online.  Still planning to visit the Windy City, perhaps in the Spring.  Plan to take the train (#21) and visit Sprinkles Cupcakes (#26).  

32. Go canoeing.

33. Make it onto TasteSpotting.  Yippee!  White Chocolate Cake with Blueberry Curd on September 21, 2012.  Also, Dark Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes on December 13, 2012.  I did it again–Gingerbread Scones on December 26, 2012.  Yay!

34. Take my Cricut Cake out of the box and use it.

35. Try out curling.  (You know, that winter Olympic sport that no one gets.)

36. Use Isomalt to decorate a cake.

37. Take a photography class.

38. Let my hair get really long.  (Resist the urge to cut it.)

39. Go for a boat ride on Lake Michigan.


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